Investor/Buyer List

Hello All,

I am the same as most on this board…a “newbie”, and I’m thinking the seasoned pros might get tired of all the newbie questions. But, I just want to “thank you” for taking the time to teach us the ropes! This forum has been INVALUABLE to me!! ;D

I am like most of the new ones here…not knowing where to start. I feel that I have ‘exhausted’ the reading part…been stuck in “analysis paralysis” for way too long…so, I just want to get out there and DO SOMETHING…even if it’s wrong! :fingersx:

Since I do not have very good credit, and not much investment $$, I have decided to start out flipping. :deal:

I believe it would be wise to have an investor pool before I go out there looking for deals. Can someone please tell me how to go about building this important list?? And, what questions would I ask them?

thanks so much for your feedback,


Start out by getting info on what kind of properties that your investors are intrested in, # of beds baths ect, what kind of areas they are looking and if they can close fast!
It would be wise to join a local investing club to get some of these contacts, you can also put an ad in the classifieds or by putting signs out for a rehab house and get info from them that way!!!

Hope that this gets you started!

Good Luck and create a great day!!!


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the speedy reply! You gave me some good ideas for getting an investor list started.


no problem.let me know if i can help ya some more!!!