From: Abraham & Crystal Valdez

My wife and I have started on tax lien and deed forclosures. We have
not yet bid on any property. We will be present for the next sales in
the county of Bexar for the month of April just to get a feel of it. I
have been researching tax foreclosures for some time now and feel we
are ready. Being that we are in San Antonio, TX, can we bid on tax
foreclosed properties in another state? This is a new venture for my
wife and I, we have a good sense about this business. Valdez
Investments is new, but here to stay. Your prompt response would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The short answer is you can certainly bid on anything anywhere.

Are you talking about bidding at the auction the 1st Tuesday of the month?

If you are, be aware that the best properties have already been scooped up. The trustees have their favorite buyers and the deals get done. Is this illegal? Yes. Does it happen anyway? Yes. You had better be a pro to bid at the auction. Those guys are very smart, sharp, sharks. When you win the bid, be aware that you just paid too much. Those smart people all had the sense to back off. That’s why you won’t see me there.

There are better ways to do this in San Antonio. Are you a SAREIA member? Give me a holler.