Investment property insurance and LLC

Hi All

I’ve been reading this board for a while (along with lots of other info). And now I’m about to close on my first investment property next month (a duplex)

I plan on having title in my LLC. Will it make a difference on the type of insurance I will need if title is in the LLC vs having title personally? Will it cost more? Will the insurance companies allow this? I am referring to liability/hazard/homeowners insurance, not title insurance.

Any and all info about this would be greatly appreicated.


Howdy Prusso99:

I have not found any difference in who owns the property. I have found a lot of other problems. Allstate will not write tenant policies unless you have car or home insurance with then already. Another carrier will not write if the property is vacant at time of purchase. I in fact found it difficult to get coverage at all. Another problem is the amount of coverage. On a small 800 sq ft home I am buying for $16,500 they wanted coverage of $64,000 some kind of replace cost minimum. I called another person at the same company and got a $20,000 policy. I got several internet quotes as well and got many different responses and quotes. As always it pays to shop around. I ended up going with Foremost / Lloyds of London.

Hope this helps and LOL