Investment Fixer-upper/Rental questions


  1. As an investor on my first property, where can I buy materials at discount prices? Or, how do I obtain a contractors discount from a Home Depot or Lowes?

  2. When renters pay me, how are the utilities handled (electric, gas, etc…? Do I estimate the extra cost and have renters pay me that or what?

  3. I am not entending on hiring a GC (I’ll be my own for the time being), so what’s the best way to find handymen in GA? I’m talking floors, canbinetry, drywall fixes and painting.

3a) In which situations do they need to be licensed?

#1 you don’t get a discount for being a contractor. What you get is the ability to buy contractor packs which are larger quantities and thus cheaper than buying single pieces.

#2 I get all my tenants to pay their won utilities. The only utility that I would pay is water. It is the lowest, and will encourage them to water the lawn. In Texas you can end up with a dust bowl if you don’t get the lawn watered regularly (I have it in the lease to water the lawn)

#3 and 3a I am not in GA

  1. So if I don’t need large quantities I have to simply pay what regular consumers pay? Is there not another break I can take advantage of as I’m buying for my rehab?

  2. How does that work or how will you know on time - what they’ve used? Do they pay for the month previous?