Investment Advisor w/ $28m under direct management looking for a Mentor to >>>

possibly work with me on SS’s. I have 10 years experience in asset management and sales, and even though I don’t have the elusive crystal ball, I do have enough insight to have positioned my client’s money in such a way that my book of business affords me the ability to spend a large portion of the day doing whatever I please. So in an effort to get into this type of investing I thought that I’d offer my services possibly in return for the guidance of an experienced REI.

I like the idea of short sales primarily because its a win-win-win. The lender keeps the foreclosure off their books, in turn their public or private investors are happy and their Federal Reserve borrowing is safe. The HO is happy because they stopped their credit from being ruined for the next decade and the bank stops calling every day upon many other things, and we the investor can walk away with a nice day’s pay.

If any of you experienced SS’ers and WS’ers who have a fare share of deals under your belt would like to work with me please feel free to message me.

I hope to hear from somebody soon.


:cool HELLO you sound very much in tune with the business

I have just one question for you what do you bring to the table just the smarts in a deal //// or do you have funds to put in to a deal or partnership ???

You know…that’s a great question, and I appreciate your bringing this important factor related to my request to point.

However, I must say that I wish I were more “in tune” than I am. But to answer your question…the answer is yes I have investable leverage. But there’s a contingency. Some of my best investments (where I’m personally most heavily weighted) is positioned in places that are over 25% YTD and I’d need to really be inspired to liquidate those positions any time soon. Truth be told though…that’s why I’m here though: to be inspired :cool

My M-O has always been work smart…not hard. Although I’ve been guilty of the latter. But with that said my strong points in a partnership are two-fold: selling, and thinking outside of the box. Finding better and new ways to market and expose new opportunities is where I shine. Clients and colleagues always say, “huh, I never thought about doing it like that…that’s a great idea…lets do it.”

That’s my windy answer to your question :biggrin

As I’ve said in other blogs, the time is approaching when SS will be close to the #1 activity if not THE #1 activity in our business. Your timing is excellent.

Thanks for the vote of confidence OldGuy! No question that the US Markets were definitely affected today by the nations largest mortgage lender (CountryWide). Subprime and ARMs will keep many of us busy in this line of the REI business for a long time. That’s exactly why I want to get moving here.

I will say, even though its nice to see my client’s accounts sky rocketing thus far this year, I’m overjoyed to see the broad market indicies get hammered like they did today. The US equities market is WAY overvalued…P/E ratios are on the verge of stupid IMHO. Equities investors need to take a breath and some of their money off the table and go on friggen vacation already :wink:

:cool HEY thank you for the windy answer AND old guy do you knnow about the new ss out in the market ???

WELL it runs a little like this banks and mortage compines have a overload of homes correct we all know this !!! WHAT if you could go in and buy the bad paper at a discount and it not be a short sale //// every note mortage has apay off price just so they can get the bad paper gone //// and you do not have all the hassels of a short sale in get this and that paper work to us WOW WOW

BEFORE you ever go to the bank or mortage company you get with the person in trouble and get them to do a deed-in-leiu so when you go to the mortage holder you have all ready got the property tied up

NOW when you have a pay off price you are really set as you have investors set in place to do the deal with you //// you go back to the home owner and you see if they want to stay or there troubles are that they can not WELL then you just give them 30 days to move and no more YOU resell the home on owner finance and do a simultaneous close for 85 to 90 % of face value with 5 to 10 % down you do the # s want in ??? :beer

Interesting, whats this all about? Is this a new idea and you’re just running it by us? So I see this as less individual profit potential but less hassles and an overall larger profit in a year’s time due to the much higher volume. Maybe I’m missing something…how exactly would this be much different from a traditional short?

Interested to hear more… Seems like a decent concept, but can you give more details on the purchasing of the notes from the banks? You could probably get a SHIT TON of them even bundled. Hell, what bank wouldn’t want to unload 10-20 of their bad notes for $.20 on teh $1. !? I bet you could, and I bet you’d make a killing doing it too!!

Hmmmm… wheels spinning

:cool OKAY it is very very differant from the normal SS as you do not have to prove your offer price /// with any BPO or apprasials of any kind !!! THE bottom line is you go in and buy the bad paper for just what is owed on it nothing more //// an yes am sure you could buy a as they say block of notes in a area if you wanted

NOW as far as profit on a per deal thing it would vary from note to note as you would think 1) you now have become the bank so to speak on a home where the people were behind 3 months //// owed 30 k left on a 100 k loan NOW they have fixed there problem and can now get back to making there payments //// you redo there loan to a new note for the full amount of apprasied value!! WILL they do it if they want to stay yes // if not as i said they have 30 days to get gone as you file and enforce the deed -in-liue !!!

SO what you now have is a note for 100k for a property you only paid 25 to 30 cents on the dollar for you then have the note all ready sold as i stated before and BANG YOUR PROFIT in 30 days or less you have made 30k to who knows what profit on a deal that you put in a few hours less then 8 in most cases

NOW yes there is the deal where you have no profit in a fast sale and would hold the note and the property for long term profit but those will be not so many and you do your home workl on the property before you set out to work it

IS this real yes can it be done easy and fast yes faster then a SS yes as you only have to do one thing go to the mortage holder and find out who handles there bad debt // mortages and you start the talks on the notes and the ones you want and come up with a cash out price //// you are a hero to the bank mortage company !!! :biggrin :biggrin

NOW yes you have to have a pool of some kind of backers and or investors to pay the cash out price i have all ready made and have my list //// and all ways adding to it I have people on my list who have put in as little as 1 ,000.00 to some whom have put in 100k and more

IT comes out as a profit for my list people of about 5% on there money for 30 days most all just take some of there profit and reinvest the rest /// kind of like playing poker i guess and letting it ride on a sure bet

i hope this has made more clear the deal and deals :beer :beer :beer

Not too sure 5% ROR in 30 days is all that exciting to be honest. Sure there’s less work but…5% isn’t anything to get you out of bed in the AM. JMHO :smile

:cool OKAY iam bad i did not make this clear that is 5 % per deal you are doing not just one deal a month // it is like three and four and up so it would be 3 deals at 5 % 15 % and this is the bottom some deals make more than 5 % it is a #s game you could have a deal that makes 20 % and then in the same month two or three that only do 5 %

hope this cleared the air on this ??