Some of us were meant to lead and some of us were meant to follow. Creativity and compassionate passion goes hand in hand. Never give up your dreams. The biggest tragedy is the dreams that are lost and no action was taken when you die. Each and every one of us has that entrepreneurship spirit. It is lost when you listen to many people who tell you can’t do it. Misery loves company. If you live by the business principle of Henry Ford, John Paul Getty, Abraham Lincoln, and some of our greatest leaders you will leave your mark in history when you are gone. Been in the corporate banking business, and have seen no creativity, the BIG Goliath has no heart or soul. John F Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” When you are creative and has that entrepreneurship spirit our future is like an artist canvas. We create and see things in color while people see things in black and white. Creativity will attracts others to you. Sorround your self with creative thinker and some of it might rub off. We see solutions, will others focus on the problems. Creativity is loss without passion. So be passionate. Get inspired! Sharpen the tools of your craft! Good Luck!

Johnny great post and a great way to remind people to stay in the game.

What I want every single investor on this site to understand is this, success is not defined by hope, thoughts, or opinions, success is a result of research, preparation, and planning. Because someone doesn’t “believe” it won’t work or you can’ t be successful, doesn’t mean anything nor effect anything, because success is not an opinion.

Research, preparation, planning. Take into account, majority of Americans in the United States. Unfortunately, everybody seems to think that because “everybody” says or believes in something, then that must be “the way.” This causes everybody to live medicore, not fulfill their true passions, nor even chase them.

Everybody is overweight, everybody goes to work every morning to a job they hate, everybody pays the lotto to one day, “win”. Everybody gets into a job, works there for 30 years even though they hate it, get married, have children, then die.

You don’t have to follow “the way.” You don’t have to do something just because everybody else is doing it, matter of fact, IF everybody else is doing it, I wouldn’t do it!

Everybody is not a millionare.
Everybody doesn’t have the body they want.
Everybody doesn’t have the life they want.

Why you ask? They say, “Luck wasn’t on their side.” No, they followed “the way.” And following “the way,” leaves you average.

So forget the way, walk alone for now. Walk alone and research that area, research that property, study your niche ( the area of Real Estate you are doing) and plan, plan, plan.

And come on here and post a thread and say,


Then for the remainder of your life, live in peace, joy, and without the stress of waking up for another 20 years…doing something that you don’t have to do.

Let money work for you, don’t work for money.

  • John Tucker

Wow Jon…Great motivating post.

very inspirational.