To make a long story short…I can’t wait to get out there and put some of this education to use. I have sat around long enough wasting time. I owned some rental property back in the 80’s…one turned into 50K…the other 3 were useless. Because of legal issues and poor estate planning and very poor use of asset protection, they are history. But the education I gained from my lifes experience is invaluable. I used to be a licenced real estate agent a long time ago…but that didn’t do it for me. So I bought 3 Legrand courses back in '97…had 2 deals lined up before health issues came up and I lost both deals. I have 7 years worth of excuses for not doing anything between then and now.

As soon as some health issues go away, I’m jumping back into investing head first. Don’t let excuses stop you like they did me. I am one of many poster childs of failure…and as you can see by my signaturee, the only way you can fail is if you don’t try. Good luck to all, take action, and God Bless.

Regards, Tony

Hey how was that Ron Legrand Course…? I havent purchased for the lack of belief…! I mean I know everyone has there own style of investing…but honestly…is he any different then the rest of the…!

Back in '97 when I bought them, I paid $1K for his 3 courses, and the core of his courses are good in my opinion, though pricey. I had 2 deals lined up, and lost them because of health issues. I had a straight option to purchase a house for the mortgage balance of $68K , house worth 90K, the owner detested realtors, and all he wanted was his mortgage paid off. He wouldn’t do anything other than a straight option. The day we agreed, I was on my way out of town for 2 weeks, but had health issues and never was able to fiunish the deal. It would have been a slam dunk to sell in a week for $85-90K back then.

The bottom line is there are good materials out there. I liked his stuff, but I had money to burn back then, so the $1K wasn’t a issue with me. His stuff, and my other related experiences are where I learned most of my stuff. The only advice I ever give anyone is don’t do what I did in between then and now…I had many chances between '97 and last year to do something, and never did. I wasn’t motivated enough. Don’t waste 7 years like I did. Take action, do something. The one thing everyone should do is join a local real estate investor association. Be around people who do this. Between that, and this website, you will get answers to almost every possible question you can come up with.

Right now, I have health issues which are preventing me from doing anything. However, it hasn’t prevented me from using the internet to learn. Anything you do will lead you to success. I learned from my own mistakes…I had many chances to do something in the past and never did. Don’t let that happen to you. There is a post called “what is your excuse?” in this section. Read it, and there are solutions to every possible excuse you can ever have to not do something. Good luck to all.

Regards, Tony