investing with RothIRA

where can I get info to learn how to invest with RothIRA?
I have heared that not everybody is qualified for RothIRA, some people make to much money.
If me and my husband make about 60-65K both, (30-32 K each) will we be qualified for RothIRA? Where could I go to ask about info to open this account?
Thank you :slight_smile:

The internet might be a good place to start. Google “ROTH IRA” and check some of the hits for the basic requirements. The website you visit might even have locator functions that will direct you to a local representative you can speak to face-to-face.

If you want to invest as self directed the normal companies are ones like Equity Trust(mid-ohio), Lincoln Trust, Pensco and Entrust. Also consider Trust Adm. Service Corp(

Stock brokerage firms will also let you self direct if you do stocks.

Bud, thank you for your answer.
I know nothing about RothIRA, so here is one more stupid question:
the companies you named is it RothIRA companies?
Or what?
Sorry, I know it is sounds stupid…

These are just some of the companies that “manage” your Roth IRA’s and specialize in real estate investments through your IRA’s. According to the IRS, you can buy, rehab, sell or rent investment property through your IRA, but all proceeds must remain in the IRA.

thanks a lot for the answers!
Could you check please if I found the right links

thank you so much