Investing software

I’ve been investing for about 5 years now and I am now looking to invest in some software to help streamline the process. Any suggestions.

Which part of theprocess do you want to streamline? The caluculation of whether its a good deal or not. The paperwork process of tenants? The overall outlook on your portfoilio of properties?

I deal mostly in reahbbing and would be interested in software tthat would calculate whether a deal is profitable and also have the ability to keep track of all fix up costs, generate reports for financing.

I have found a terrific, although pricey, piece of software. It took me time to get it filled with all my data, but I love it.

It is called Profit Tiger Pro. You can click on the link below my signature block for it. There is even a free trial you can download to try it out.

I looked over Profit Tiger Pro ;D. It seems to have everything I need all in one package. They can even setup websites for you for a hefty price. The price for the software in kind of high, however, it would greatly improve my efficiency in every aspect of investing and maybe give me some extra time to spend with the fam. Thanks 4R for the advice.