Investing (now or within 5 years) with 25 miles of Washington DC

It’s become nearly impossible to find deals to cash flow around Capitol Hill or within a 25 mile radius. Can anyone speculate on the market’s outlook for deals in the future?

I see huge hits in Manassas so far, but what about Arlington, Alexandria or any neighborhood arpund Washington? I’m looking to buy townhomes or multiunits (no huge apartment buildings) and rent them.

Fixer uppers in NE, SE, SW are fine. Can anyone offer any links to useful sites? Is anyone generally knowledgeable about the area? Thanks.

If you want cash flow, I think you will have to go further outside the beltway. Suggest you start looking in Frederick MD at the end of the I-270 corridor then expand your search to Hagerstown and Middletown. There are some foreclosures there that could cash flow if you buy right.

If you want to stay in Northern VA, then go to Centreville. Follow the Dulles Toll Road past Reston and start looking in bedroom communities where builders have inventories of unsold homes.

Areas off I-95 south of the Pentagon such as Woodbridge and Dale City used to be promising but even those areas are declining. You may have to go even further south to Fredericksburg and Quantico.

You would have to buy super duper cheap to cash flow w/in 25 miles of DC. Go towards Baltimore however, and it can still be done.