Investing NOVICE seeking constructive HELP!!!

Hello Everyone,

I have been reading posts by different people in tis forum, and I really appreciate the fact that it seems like everyone is willing to chip in some helpful advice.

I own no investment property. I am a college student without enough money to meet my everyday demands. I credit my mom for teaching me how to live cheap.

I have always wanted to venture into real est investing but I always had an excuse for not starting. Now, it has hit me that if I dont start I never will. I just got fired from my job,notbecause of incompetence, but because my immediate supervisor didnt seem to like the fact that I was going to college and had a plan for myself, when she did not even finish high school. It got worse when she saw me reading a real estate book. I never knew peace at work after that.

Now with practically no money, and looking for another JOB just to pay my recirring bills, I have decided to try real estate meanwhile.
Can someone tell me what would be best for me to start with considering my situation.

I intend to attend a real estate club meeting in my area next thursday. I want to make the best use of that attendance.
I have read about birddogging but I sincerely do not understand its concept.

Could someone please share his/her knowledge and experience. I am not in a hurry to get rich materially, I need more of the knowledge now. I only need some money to pay mybills for now while I build wealth in the long run.

Also, I live in Southern Cali.


I would network with investors at the club and see if anyone needs a bird dog or an assistant to help them do some of the leg work.

Bird dogging is a term used for people who go out and “sniff” out potential good deals for investors.

Driving an area, looking for distressed property (like an overgrown lot) - or going into an older neighborhood and finding folks who are looking to sell at a reasonable price and then the bird dog gives the lead to the investor and they evaluate the deal to see if there is any money to be made in it.

Usually there is a fee that the bird dog gets if the property is purchased by the investor.

You might also want to find some home flippers who would be willing to hire you as some cheap labor. There is far more return on your time investment if you can learn the basics of the construction end of rehabbing a home.

So for now it may require working for cheap but in the long run, that cheap labor will also give you a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Hope that helps. I’m in HOuston, and do not have any specific knowledge about CA, but this is how I have gotten started.

Good luck!

That was some very excellent advice you gave. I’m going to take that and run with it.

Tony Kent
Kent Realty Services

Thanks texasinvestor for the advice. When you say, "You might also want to find some home flippers who would be willing to hire you as some cheap labor." are you saying I should go do some construction work with a flipper who is rehabbing. If that’s it, I am more than willing to do that, the only problem that I have is that school starts soon. I will look into it still…maybe I’ll be able to work in the evenings or night :smiley:

meanwhile, are there any questions or checklist I could use to qualify serious investors that would be interested in me being thier birddog?

Advice will be immensely appreciated.