Investing Network??? Good or Bad Plese Help!!!

Hello, I ran across this investing program from Ameraco that is supposed to provide a network of investors that will purchase or partner with you on properties that you find and submit to them. They have been around since 1990. That being said I wanted to know what you all thought about it or have you ever heard of it? It is 495.00 for lifetime no other fees ever and you get paid 8-10% for finding houses that an investor purchases. It appears to have good reviews from the BBB.

Thanks, Mark

Sorry to say dude but it sounds like BS to me. Anytime I have to PAY upfront to work with anyone is a scam to me. There is a free site that does something similar to this anyway. I think it’s call

Does do deals work nationwide? I will check it. Is there any site focus on Santa Cruz California. I work in Rio Del Mar, Capitola, Scotts Valley.

There are two sides to every coin. Is it good that some friends of mine have spent over $25K on “Rich Dad’s Education”? Well…if it motivates them to create massive action and they build a million dollar business, then I’d say yes. If they needed to have that kind of motivation to say “oh, crap…I just spent this…and I sure as hell better do something” and they do it, then yes. If they don’t do jack, then NO.

So, IF the program works, and if being a part of it helps to force you to take MASSIVE ACTION, then that’s a good thing, but if you pay $495 and you expect being a group member to make you wealthy…think again. Anything worthwhile takes effort. If you find a deal, you should be able to find a buyer for it regardless of if you’re in a “buyers club” or not. A deal is a deal.


I use some times, it works in all states and cities across the US. Just to add, it has motivated sellers, wholesale deals and others.

Yea it’s nationwide, log-in and go to the “Market Area Selection” drop down.