Investing in US property from offshore

Hello, I am a US citizen (offshore resident) looking to invest in US property. What is the most tax advantaged, legal entity I should use? What options are available?
Lastly, if other US citizen who are residents abroad are interested in pooling assets to invest in US property, would the entity be the same? Would it change if we were interested in offshore properties? Thanks for any help here.

The choice of entity will not vary for citizens abroad, as opposed to citizens residing here. Both categories are taxed in the same manner by the US. What WILL be relevant is to see how/if your host country taxes profits on US-based RE income. That will vary by country, specifically based on the treaty that the US has with the host nation. In most cases, US source rental & interest income is probably not taxable by the host country - but you’ll need to get a copy of the relavent treaty to see. The IRS has a summary of the treaties’ impact in the US in IRS Publication 515 at The foreign treatment of US citizens tends to mirror what we do here, though that’s not always the case. You’d probably need to acquire the text of the treaty itself to be sure.

John Hyre