Investing in Texas?

I live in California. As everyone knows the numbers dont work out here. I plan on investing but where. I was doing some research on Texas. What are your opinions on Texas and where in TX? Houston, Austin or Dallas?

Hello, Texas is a great place to invest. All 3 cities that you mentioned are a good place to start. What type of investments are you doing?

I plan on just doing single family homes. whats your opinion on Dallas? Which city in Texas is growing the most. I have only done intesive research on Dallas. But the other cities, I have not done any research.

Hello, I live in the Dallas area and it is especially growing north of Dallas. Especially high end homes. I would suggest doing harder research. You would enjoy investing here.

Whats your opinion in the Forth Worth area or Arlington? What do you think of pre-construction in Texas? I am actually targeting an area between Loop 820 and I-30. Its in the Tarrant county.

Hello, To be honest with you, I’m not sure about the Ft. Worth area. Arlington is a big “entertainment” area. It has “Six Flags”, “The Ballpark”, museums, waterparks, horseracing, etc. From what I hear about the homes, they are nice. It’s a “family oriented” area.

Hi there,

I’m from Florida and as you all know it’s as hot as CA hence I’m looking into Texas as well. What is the typical rent per month for SFH with 4/2.5 and 2CG in good neighborhood (let’s say Arlington).

What is your opinion of West of 175 near Parkdale Lake? I’m looking at one property in Bruton Ridge Estates in particular. Any opinion is greatly appreciated!


Hello, I would love to “brag” about the area but the fact is that I am not familiar with the “economy” of Arlington. I go out there for the entertainment. I would like to suggest contacting realtors in the area and asking them the questions that you have. I wish that I could be of more help.

Austin may be a little “too hot” for some. For single family houses, you can find some ok deals, but it’s tough getting actual cashflow. We’re seeing “bidding wars” in some areas, such as 78702 where there is a lot of revitalization.

There are still some ok multifamily deals and 1031 packages to buy. 78745 and 78748 are really taking off and has some decent bread-and-butter rental unit deals. Of course, most north areas are still good such as Wells Branch up north or the La Frontera area in Round Rock.