Investing in Tampa, FL

Any Tampa investors here? I have a few questions I’d like to ask from your experience in the metro Tampa area. Please respond.


I do preconstruction investing in Tampa. What questions do you have?

REALLY! My question actually involved pre-cons. I was checking out some Maronda, Beazer and KB models in the Riverview area and was interested in snatching some up for investments, but was told that they don’t deal with investors.

How does one circumvent the “traditional” process and still acquire direct from the builders? What types of financing do you use? I am trying not to put my money or credit in teh mix to get a couple.

Any advice as to how to go about them?


Hi btkgator…I have been considering doing investing in Florida. I have been looking into the Tampa/Clearwater area or the Orlando area. I have been doing alot of reading and realize with all the information out there I would perfer to get contacts and leads from referrals. It seems that with preconstruction the time to get in is before it goes public. Would love to get any ideas, suggestions, from you. Thank you in advance for your help

We actually bought 2 houses from Beazer in Creekview (Riverview). We bought when they were in 1st phase. It is too late now because they closed to investors in this project. But what you want to do is check what projects they are starting or going to start in the next 6 months and see how many investors they plan on taking. Then ask them how you can be informed when they open up to the investors. It may be that you just have to call every week. Some builders down here have stopped selling to investors all together. It changes from week to week. Just call around to different builders and ask if they are working w/ investors on any project. They know what’s going on, they will be straight w/ you. Good luck.