Investing in So Ca land.

I am thinking of investing in land in the inland empire, so what should i look out for? Do you know of any free land purchase forms? Where do I find a free source of latest stats on appreciation? example zipcode/ town/area/ up 43% for land / homes.

Not sure where the “inland empire” is (but I was always lousy in geography in school).

I’m very familiar with the land brokerage business in PA and what I do is look at what the new homes are selling for in an area. That is one factor builders take into account in putting a value on land. Also, consider if the parcel can be subdivided or is it only one building lot. That’s another factor (site yield). Check the current zoning for permitted uses, min. lot size & width required. (This also is relevent to site yield). Whether there’s public water & sewer (again, site yield).

Review the town’s comprehensive or master plan to get a sense of what areas are targeted for growth and also specific land uses that the town wants in specific locations.

These are some of the basics.