Investing in Singapore

I have been living in Singapore for a year or so and recently became interested in investing with nothing down.
Does anyone out there have any comments or suggestions regarding investing in Singapore?
I would be most grateful for any indicators as to whether this is a good environment to invest in.
After a recent slump there has been a mild recovery in the residential market (apartments/condos) that I am considering.
Singaporeans tend to be a little ‘conventional’ and are somewhat averse to ideas outside of the ordinary - I’m hoping to interest some in lease/option agreements

I believe that all real estate is local. What is a good rate of return in my town, even my neighborhood may not be a good return in yours. You have to acquire local knowledge and use that for your investment strategy. If I were going to invest in another country, I would go wherever in the world there is the greatest amount of money to be made. I would probably invest in Dubai. The government is stable and the laws are robust enough to be predictable. There you can buy ahead of the curve and double your money. You can buy condos that well for $1million that you can sell after a year of so for $2.5million.

me personally haventr got a clue about what is outsid ethe four walls af the great USA.And since millionairs are made daily here since the beginning of my time Im goona stay here. :wink:

Thanks for your input guys. Guess I’ll have to just keep on researching.