Investing in New Construction?

Anyone know where i can get info on investing in new construction, how it works… etc… I am not sure if I just go to a builder and buy or what. Thanks, Amy

i’m investing in utah right now, although i live in san diego, CA.

which part of utah are you in?

I am looking to invest in Davis, Weber, Box Elder & Cache counties. :slight_smile: ;D

I just go to the builder. The builder usually has his own marketing and sales staff so you don’t need an outside real estate agent.

You execute a purchase agreement, pay your deposit, bring your financing to settlement just as you would in any other real estate purchase.

How would I find a new construction builder In So. Cal.???

How do you know which areas ??? to invest in? From Oregon.

you look at historical house prices, current house prices, current income, job, unemployment and population growth and trends.

its not difficult but it could take around 4-6 months of research to get a hang of it. but the knowledge you get will serve you for a lifetime.