Investing in Mexico

I have a friend who thinks Mexico is the best place in the world to Invest in Real Estate. I have my reservations going outside the US. Can anyone give me the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on Mexico?

corona…good, bad, and ugly…depending on how much you drink.

<<corona…good, bad, and ugly…depending on how much you drink.>>

If it’s gonna be a lot, go with the Carona Light!



I think I just responded to this same post… Mexico can be a great place… fun and profitable. Be careful about everything you do there, do your homework, don’t assume anything, talk to others doing what you want to do. It is not hard (actually IMO much easier), but different and you need to approach it with a serious attitude. Have fun!

Foreigners can’t own the good property directly in Mexico and real estate transactions are largely unregulated.

I’ve traveled extensively throughout Mexico over the decades. I love the people and hate the government. But the government rules. And, the rules keep changing. I’m not smart enough to keep up with the whims of Mexico and I suggest that you’re not smart enough, either. But it’s your decision.

I am in Tucson. Looked into investing in Puerto Penasco(4 hours south of here), but was turned off by cap. gains tax of 30% (socialism!) and corruption with the federales which I have seen first hand.