Investing in Istanbul

Dear friends,


I am an amateur r.e. investor from Istanbul - Turkey.

I would like to update you about our market & also share your valuable experiences & ideas.

Our market is still considered unsaturated by global investors.

Mortgage is not yet avaliable. So we either have to save money and pay cash or use credit with very high bank interest rates.

I am planning a personal growth with a combination of rentals & rehabbing. (never did rehabbing before)

For last 15 years I have invested in r.e unconsiously & still did good.

Now ý want to do it more professionally & therefore I want to investigate USA market (to make use of exisiting experience)

I am also ready to answer your questions about the market in Turkey.

If you have any suggestions for me (Keeping in mind that the mortgage system will be implemented in coming 2 years) I’d be quite happy to hear them.

(As I am not a native English speaker, forgive me for my mistakes.)


Why would I send money 7000 mile away in hopes of making some money when I can invest 2 miles away and know I will make money on my investment? Keep in mind that real estate is no better than any other investment except for leverage , which you say I can’t do. Why can’t I get a mortgage in Turkey? Is my building going to get blown up?

Actually I am not suggestin you to invest in this market. I am located in Istanbul & just though some info about my local market can be interesting for somebody.

Mortgage is not currently avaliable due to high inflation rate. But as the rate is getting better, soon it is planned to be implemented.

I also would like to hear suggestions for a market that soon mortagage will be implemented.

C’mon blue moon, he’s looking for advice not to be profiled.
From what I have found, I still need to keep my “real” job but rehabbing and landlording are my hobby.
If I could do more of the rehab work myself I could probably break into this full time.
You might want to start with some free basic classes offered by Home Depot.
Beyond that make sure you have a big bank account or a job you can count on for income until you get enough experience.
Just my suggestion and that is if you plan to move here. If you are going to live in Turkey and just invest in the States that is a little more complicated as it would be hard to be hands on. Hope this helped

Thank you hanatal,

exactly as you understood, I am just looking for advice.

I will keep your comments in mind.