Investing in BRIC countries?

Wich BRIC country do you consider the best to invest in lands?

Russia, Brazil, India or China

Regards :slight_smile:

None of them.

So far vote stands at 0-0-0-0

Something tells me that every time I buy a property here, I’m investing in China…

I think all these countries are way too overpriced. A correction is imminent. Some of these countries’ appreciated 500 to 1000% in the last 6 years. Also be aware that the legal protection as a non-citizen buyer may be limited and the chances of getting defrauded is high. So trad in carefully if you decide to.

Justin I think your statement went some heads. Without getting into the politics to things, you are absolutely correct. A larger portion of the debts owed is to China. Therefore why not use the same monies to invest in market that you are familiar with. Great point.