Investing in Argnetina

Thank you for helping me.

This is mi plan. i want to go to those places (i don´t know the name in english) were the houses of the people that can´t pay to the bank or the goverment are in offer to another persons. There are people were they do the offers, and the man that do the highest offer, buys the house.

Here, that places offers properties that are 50% under market value.

My plan is to do an offshore society (De Lorenzo Foreclosure investments) that is going to invest in this vehicle.

When i buy the property, i do repairs, and then , i go with sellerrs of houses (i don´t know how to say it in english) that are going to sell it.

So i have to go with my own team:

lawyer (2… one in the part of offshore protection and another in the part of the legal aspects)

accountant (i need them)

Rehabbing team (carpenter, plumber, who else?)

Sellers (i have them)

Brokers (i have them)

Who can guide me… What else i need uin my team…

Thanks to all,

Youll also need an electrician, and a general contractor, sorry but I really dont know much about rehab.