Investing from outside the US

I’m a bit new to the forum, so please forgive if this was asked already.
I live outside the US and would like to know the process for investing in US real estate, particulaly apartment buildings( I’m a student of Dave Lindhal’s program). Do I use a company, etc… I’m totally clueless.
Your help would be very greatful.

forget about getting loans. you might be able to get non-recourse loans with 30% down. you should also be able
to invest in TICs in large commercial /apt bldings.

if you don’t have any money and you aren’t in the US I think you’re out of luck.[on the other hand, if you do find a way to get around this do let me know!]

won’t having a company in the states be acceptable. It would be a legal entity and be able to own assets?
i will be in contact with RE agent soon hopefully she’ll be able to let me know of any possibilites. I’ll also like to speak to a lawyer as well to get their take.

does your company have credit and income?

you’d still have to put a higher % down as a company and you’ll get a higher interest rate.

the same thing problems arise.

yes it does :), but i’m wondering can i partner or be an outside silent partner in a company in the US that invest in RE…can that work.