Investing agency

I was recommended to look at this investing agency that will purchase property for you as long as the property is 65% under value, which you will pay interest on the purchasing price and other fees as well. After 6months you are to basically put the property in your name. Now im thinking this may or may not be a good way to start investing with wholesaleing and rehabbing house, I wanted to know what is your take on this investing agency and others like this one?

What’s the name of it? I’d like to do some research and see what I can find out about it. Maybe I can turn up something that is of use to you.

I’ll post it up for others to check out:

To me it looks like straight hard money, am I missing something?

Your not missing anything this is just hard money.


What are your takes on working with hard money lenders ?

Tunckey06 is confused.

We do not own property. We make a loan to him to buy the property which is in his name.

Hard money has its place in investing, its a great solution to some needs and a terrible solution for other needs. What is your strategy? What are your goals?