Hi all,

I am new to this site, and I have a couple of questions. I have read almost every book published in regards to pre-forclosures, and I think that I have all the information to get started, but I am not sure how to go about getting started. As with everything, I guess, getting started has to be the hardest part. I am looking at the lists that are published for a fee, but like it has been pointed out on here most of those reports are “stale data”.

Does anyone place advertisements in the papers, and does it work for them? If you do do you publish it in a community paper or a city wide one?

Also, do you have a seperate number for them to call when you place the ad? Should an 800 number be used? Is there any service that gives you a “virtual number” just for voice mail? I have set a personal deadline, and I am wondering if you guys can help me achieve the information I need in order to meet this deadline.

How much do you think I will need in order to get everything up and running?

As for the foreclosure lists…some are better than others. The main problem I have with some of them, the prices are waaay off. And, all your competition is gonna be working off the same list.

Depending on your local govt., they may have foreclosure info on a website. Some update daily…but you are still working against your competition.

Newspaper advertising depends on your local area and prices. I’d look and see what the competition is doing, and which papers they are using. You may or not want to copy them.

I use ‘bandit signs’, cause I don’t like to be grouped with my competitors. Of course, the downside, the ‘sign police’ try and take them down as fast as I put them up. You can do a web search for their company.

Phone: I use a local number because I want the people to think I’m small. Some guys use 800#'s if there are ‘area code’ problems or?

There are companies that provide the phone lines/voice mail…like ‘voice exchange’ out of houston. I think it’s $10 per month for a local #. They work nationwide, but I’d check with local suppliers, too.

As for what you’re gonna need to spend…it just depends on your choice and cost for marketing.

Good Luck