Invesment Gas Stations with no Gas- States that Lack Capital

I am wondering if any of you are having trouble getting funding for GOOD deals. Ones that you can fix up and flip and make money, but you are having difficutly finding funding for the purchase. I was on the phone with a guy in Virginia and the DC area and he said there is a serious lack of capital for real estate investors there. I also spoke with another guy in Arizona that said they where strugling as well to find capital for good real estate deals. Does anyone else have any areas that is having difficutly finding funding on good real estate deals.

The way I look at it there are only two keys to real estate investing

  1. Finding good deals to buy
  2. Funding those good deals

Basically if you buy a good enough deal then selling it will not be a problem. Back to the idea you make money when you buy not when you sell. And if you cant capitalize on the good deal by having funding then you will not get anywhere. Capital is Gas in your investment Cars tank.

So where are there any other states and or areas any of you see the Gas Stations ( Capital to buy good real estate deals) out of Gas

I think the gas stations NATIONALLY are out of gas!