Inverse Purchase Method - Graystone


Is anyone familiar with this company and this method?

Looks interesting on the surface, but I can’t find any additional information other than what is posted on their website.

Any Graystone Regional Associates out there that might be willing to discuss with me?


I looked around and could not find too much either. Honestly it sounds a little suspicious and maybe they are trying to “Sell” you the Flipping program. They appear to be a mortgage broker or a banker. This could even be a recruitment tactic to get you to become a sales person for them. Personally I would not bother but have at it if you are curious … call them and here what they have to say. Here are a few links on things …,6090,300222,00.html

I appreciate the feedback, and I too was spectical about the claims. I am a loan officer and agent, so I was able to “see through” the MLM hype that you outline regarding signing up as a loan officer. What intrigued me the most was the claim that an investor could circumvent the seasoning requirement most lenders impose.

Are there any members out there that have been able to do an open title closing with title company/lender buy in…effectively being able to buy a property w/ no “out of pocket” money and utilize the proceeds of the loan from the buyer to fund your original purchase? I think that is what they’re claiming you can do here, and that being the juicy carrot.

If so, the opportunity seems limitless…if one subscribes to the Greater Fool Theory (I hate to use “Fool” in the description).

Meant sceptical…oops.