Hello Guys,

My name is Marcello Trolio, and I am both a licensed contractor and a real estate agent. I am new to this forum and after going through the discussions I guess here i can get a lot of knowledge regarding real estate.

It’s blessed to be a part of the community, and would love to engage with you guys and share some effective ideas that can help us in our business.


Welcome, Marcello! Looking forward to reading your thoughts and learning from your experiences.

Hello Jonah,

It’s been 15 years since I’m into this business, and I have learned a lot and it wasn’t easy for me and my wife to get where we are now.

I try to give my best whatever the situation is and I try to handle my clients with dedication and try to provide the best customized solution to each client based on their unique needs. I’m especially committed to going the extra mile to ensure everyone who comes in contact is completely satisfied with my services.

Please share some of your thoughts how is everything there in Indiana, how you handle your clients?


Customer care all the way! It’s not the wins that we prefer. It’s the win-win situations we are after.

It’s a unique time for us in Indiana with the way the market has continued to rise over the summer, specifically in Indianapolis, surrounding secondary markets, and even some tertiary markets. There are many OOS investors from the costal US markets looking to the Midwest to stash their cash for better cash flow. We also continue to hear buzzing of investor groups from Germany, Russia, the UK, and other countries. This attraction to the Midwest allows us to more easily sell properties we find, but it naturally makes the market more competitive from a buying standpoint.

Hi Marcello Trolio, welcome to the community! :biggrin

Hello Don,

Thank you for the warm welcome hope to share some good ideas about Real estate…