Introduction to Short Sales


I’m a newcomer to the forum, because recently I made the decision to pursue my long term interest in real estate. At first, my goal was to learn to flip houses. And, after some research, I’ve decided to switch interest to the wholesale side of real estate and do strictly short sales.

With much motivation, and eagerness to jump in, I’m still at the research stage, so I’d appreciate any advise from professional real estate investors, who specialize in short sale, as to the best way to get started. Ideally, my plan is to find a local (SF bay area), respectable, seasoned, successful investor to mentor me, or a top notch program that will offer the necessary tools, strategies, techniques, and overall education for short sale investing.

Once again, any advice from others as to the best way to enter short sale real estate investing, from a part-time basis at first, and eventually full time?

Thank you in advance for your comments!

Respectfully Submitted,


you have picked the right site and research is your key read read read :biggrin