Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mike and I own a few businesses and a few properties.

I started buying real estate when I was 19. I bought a single family house, fixed it up over a long weekend, and moved in for two years. After two years I sold it for almost $45k profit. I used some of the profit and bought a house for my parents and they sold me theirs.

I then went on to purchase three and four families, however I got hurt at my job and couldn’t get a pay stub before closing. I decided to start a property management and landscaping business with a friend. After getting a few accounts I got a great one over 30 Bank of Americas. After I got the Banks I sold the landscaping business to my friend and kept the property management biz.

I grew my management biz to over 40 properties with a full time maintenance staff.

To make a long story short, I have since closed the property management business to run my other businesses. I own a liquor store, cigar lounge, text message advertising business, and still have one maintenance guy. I own a commercial building, a six family, and have done a bunch of flips.

Any questions, I’m here to help. I learned a lot from ready posts here and the Carlton Sheets course. When I bought the Sheets course they called me to sign up for coaching. They interview you to see how you are doing and if you need the coaching. They actually asked me to become a coach and wanted to have me be one of their spot light customers. I never did anything with it, I didn’t have the time.