Interviewing A Title Company - Questions to Ask

I am planning on making some calls to title companies in my area this week and figured it might be helpful to gather a list of questions one should ask when selecting a title servicer.

I’ll list the questions I think are needed and hopefully other members will chime in and clarify and/or add to the list.

Ask for the most “investor friendly” agent.

  1. Do they work with assignments? Without assignor being present at close?
  2. Can they handle double closings if they are necessary? If so, can 1 title search be used for the whole process?
  3. Do they provide lists of NOD’s, probate, absentee owners…?(add to this please)
  4. Will they be willing to discount on volume title searches if all closings take place through them?
  5. Can they provide any investor references?

Am I missing anything important? Anything regarding escrow services?

Thanks for the help

ReDealHunter - if you are planning to discuss discounts and preferential treatment you may want to share with them your business plan. They will need to understand how serious/organized you are. More than likely you will need to establish the relationship first through few deals before they would give you a discount. It will be difficult to get the preferential treatment/costs based only in your word that you will bring future deals to them.

Once you narrow down to 2 or 3 title companies I suggest you go meet with them in person.

Good luck!