Interviewing a RE Attorney

 Things are starting to come together. On Wednesday I have an appointment with an Attorney. She came highly reccomended by the Agent I have decided to use. What questions should I ask her. I already have a list but thoght the more seasoned pro's here may have some input.

  My major concerns are:

  1. Assignable Option To Purchase RE
  2. Lease Option
  3. Owner Held Mortgage
  4. Forming the LLC

LOL,hourly rate

Nice, but I understand the old get what you pay for. I’m not gonna use Donald Trump’s lawyer but I dont want to download some forms online either. I just dont see how to move forward without a lawyer. Everyone has advice to give but I want to know 100% that what I am doing is legal.

As far as price what is a fair hourly price?


You’ll probably go through a several attorneys before you find one that will teach
you and respond at a pace you can accept. It’s taken me 3 attorneys, 2 EA’s
(enrolled agents) and 1 CPA over 5 years to find the ones who will teach me my
Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cashflows, tenant landlord law, etc.

In fact, I was able to shave almost a month off of evictions by using my current
attorney who told me about “Immediate Possession Bonds”

But if you want a big thumb number for hourly rate, I’d say $250, but it varies per local.
For a quick look over your business model, contracts, and entity setup you may be
able to pay only $250, not including what the state charges.