interveiw with a mortgage broker

happy valentines day 2 all the luvbirds!!! anyway, i found out about this guy over the radio. he said he is willing to help anyone find the money if they can come up with only 30% of purchase price. i inquired. he said that he “owns” the title company, and he already has a team of realtors, contractors, inspectors, attorneys, etc. i made an appointment 2 go see him. what are some important ??? that i should not forget to ask. how should i check this guy out before i put a smidge of trust in him?
thank u for replies in advance 8)

If you’re planning on buying investment properties, that doesn’t sound like a great deal. 30% of the total price is a much larger downpayment than a traditional loan at 10-20%. If you have the money to do this, especially on multiple properties, then it might not be as big a factor. But if your reserves are tight, you might want to consider more creative financing. Most mortgage brokers will be able to find you any type of loan you qualify for and will charge you small fees for their services. I just bought my own personal residence with 100% financing with excellent rates and a government grant, because it’s “rural development.” My mortgage broker, who is very good, did this for me. So I don’t know why this guy thinks he’s got a monopoly on the loan industry. Sorry, but I am just being honest, because it sounds fishy. Would’nt want you to get scammed.