Internet "We buy houses" ads- Worth my time?

I’ve been seeing a lot of "we buy houses " ads on the internet- Sort of the same deal as the ones in the newspaper, "Anywhere, Any Condition, " They say they foward the lead to an investor in your area. My question is, Has anyone tried these sites before, and could it still work out with assigning contracts?

yes… they work… they attract investors and sellers. I have people responding to ads i posted over a month ago.

You need to budget between $500 and $3000/month for such services depending on where you live. Will you get leads? yes tons of them… but they are not qualified leads. it is up to you to qualify them.

I do not like the services where you commit to a huge monthly spend. I also don’t like the services where you pay so much per lead because their cost is usually too high.

I’ve seen one where you pay a flat fee per month (like $39!) and you get all the leads for your state. That one worked very well for me, especially given the price.

For the money that these lead-generation sites are charging, you can run your own Google AdWords campaign, as I do, for a whole lot less.

I post ads for free on Craigslist. I get about 1 reply a day and finishing up 1 deal, and got another promising lead to follow up on. Been doing this for 2 weeks.

You can definitely get leads from this method, but from my experience, these kinds of ads really use ‘shotgun’ approaches and try to acquire any kind of lead they can, whether they could be considered ‘qualified’ from an investors perspective or not. Just hope they are not providing any incentives for people to submit their information, which is something I have seen in the past (but not really anymore fortunately).

Those programs work, but most are pretty expensive. They probably shouldn’t be your only form of marketing either.

I suggest subscribing to an inexpensive lead generation site. Then start your own pay/click marketing campaign on Google and Yahoo. This will put you in control of your marketing dollars. If you are short on cash one month (waiting for a closing) you can pause your pay/click ads and start them up again the next month.

If you sign up for a website that is already on the web for national search results you will still get leads.

If you have a lead generation site you can also generate leads for free. Yes I said it free leads.
Here are just a few ways to generate free leads.

Post to classified websites like. Craigs List, Hoobly, backpage, and Kijiji, include a link to an optimized website to capture motivated seller leads

Write articles and post them to free article directories, make sure to include a link to your optimized website to capture motivated buyer and motivated sellers.

Start a blog and post about your local real estate market. Again make sure to create links in your post that go directly to you website.

The great thing about subscribing to an inexpensive lead generation site is that you are managing your own marketing dollars. When you pay a lead broker a large monthly fee you have no idea where that money is being spent.

Hope this helps,