internet--does it work?

have a pro/partner setting us up with webiste
is it worth it?
any tips, advice
Thanks much!

Having a website as a real estate investor…is it worth it?

Yes. I believe it adds credibility to your business. It is a convenient way to get information into the hands of prospects who have expressed interest. For example, I may send out a mailer that directs an interested seller to call my 24-hr message line (which captures their phone # and looks up their contact info). The message instructs them that the easiest ways to get my “free report” is on my web site if they want more info. The free report invites them to call me if they are interested. The web site is just one step or supplement for this process.

A web site is also a convenient way to have buyers and sellers fill out forms and send you information.

If you build it will they come?

Don’t count on it. Just because you have a site does not mean that sellers and buyers will find your site and call you. Chances are nil actually. You can do some things to increase traffic, but I am not so sure it is worth it. Search Engine Optimization takes a long time and this may not be the niche for it. That said, I have not tried it for an investor site. Pay-per-click may bring some leads, but again, I have not tested it.

Basically I use a web site as a valuable supplement to other marketing that I am already doing offline. I do not expect it to be a source of leads on its own merits.

Hope that helps. To your success!

Jason Van Orden

Having a website is just another tool to assist you as a real-estate investor. Not only that, it builds credibilty…

I use a system where I send postcards to people in pre-foreclosure directing them to my website where I give them a free report. To get the free report, they have to give up their information which is routed to me by email. I then contact them. This has worked great for me and I have landed some great deals.

I had another lady call me and sell me her house recently. After I purchased her house, I asked her why she called me and she said because she said she went to my website and knew that I was a serious investor and could do what I said I would.

The way I look at is, this one deal paid for my site for the next 20 years!

Best Regards,
Jeff Adam

Nah, the internet is a fad just like the television and the cell phone. ;D

Seriously though, web hosting is so cheap (especially if you do it on your own machine, but that’s another discussion) I don’t think anyone can afford to NOT have a website, regardless of their business.

The internet is the cheapest and best way to market your site or services in the world! You have international coverage, as long as you’ve got your meta tags set up correctly, so be caught by the search engines.

Having a catchy domain name is handy, but the search engines will pull up any web address, as long as it contains the terms being searched.

Good Luck!

What companies build websites for real estate investors?! And yes they work I currently have a little over 5 Million in Escrow and 95% is from the web! :o

You can Google “we buy houses” and most of the natural listings and the paid listings are affiliate sites for investors.

Got ya…If organic will not work then I would Recommend PPC! ;D