Hello everyone,

Does anyone know any FREE classified websites such as,,,, etc.???

try, only one z (I guess a marketing thing). they are new but their listings are growing and they are free and easy to use. good luck :slight_smile:

Nothing in my area on housebuz, I’ll have to check back in the future and see if they have something.

You might also want to gather up a list of real estate forums. Many forums have a section that allow you to post any properties that you have for sell. Many forums allow you to do this for free.

There are also auction websites. Some allow you to post 1 ad for free and then pay from there. Something to check out.

Hey i started using that site as well to sell a couple properties i had -
defintely worth while

I believe a fellow member here, Tom Wood has a website you might want to check it out.

I haven’t used this one, but like their articles.

ebay. not free but dirt cheep