Internet Advertising

Does anyone know of a way that I can make good looking ads and advertise to multiple media networks at a time like Facebook, CraigsList, ect. I ran into a computer program a while ago that helped one make an ad and then helped you set it up and advertise on about 10 different social media websites. But I can’t seem to find it now. Does anyone know of anything like this? Anything would help me out. Thanks!

You will be better off hiring somebody to to create these for you. If you don’t have skills in the design arena, get sombody that does instead of waisting time. I get all of my design work done at the guys over at
Fast and get the job done. I reccomend them.

Yeh be carefull who you go with for Adverts and doing your posting. You can get software or dodgey companies that will do it for you. However the negative effect they can have is pretty bad for SEO anyway. Having your site plastered all over the web all of a sudden in the wrong places as obvious spam is not a good idea.

Find a local freelancer that knows their stuff and get them to do your ads. They put a lot of dedication in their work.

I agree with little spectrum. Hiring a freelancer is the best way to go. They charge a cheaper amount as well. I think it would be hard if you do it yourself and you do not have a background on it. :slight_smile:

What type of ads would you like to place?
I’ve used self-created ones myself with great success.
I’ve gotten better response rates vs. the “plain Jane” text. :slight_smile:

To put a stop to spamming the wrong way, ask them what type of backlinking or link wheels can they create for your site.

I think you have to hire someone with much expertise. I mean you have a great site that was given but it is not been SEO, you really need to hire someone to take that job for you… :bobble

PS: Go for White Hat SEO

Whitehat seo will always work better than any black hat seo. A a little tweaking should show you results after some testing.

Definitely correct Delondon, but have you heard about “Grey SEO”?

I don’t know of any software, but I personally use Pages with my apple computer. It takes about 20 minutes to create 3 different ads. I later post these ads on craigslist and backpage myself!

I’ve had good success. I get calls from sellers, wholesalers, other people, and of course spam.
Anyways, think of something quick to advertise and just post them yourself.

I think you have to leave it to the experts. Although there may be sites that can help you create one; They won’t teach you how to create the best one of course. There are many freelancers who charge just a small amount for good looking banners. Just let them know what you want and they will take care of the rest. This will lessen the burden on your part as well.

Advertising in the classic term is simply incompatible with the preferences of most internet users. The basic functions of the internet are link and share. Everything else is a “could be” without warranty. It’s a toolbox, an easy, cheap and digital way to solve problems, including asynchronous/convergence exchange of information.

There will be a future with new forms of advertising, and the ad market will be much smaller. That’s ok. You better take a closer look at the opportunities which arise!