International residential Loan

[b]Hi everyone,
Andrew here fr singapore.I like to enquire if there is company or private lender who will do residential loan to residents of singapore? I am planning to buy a property in singapore that worth abt USD$1 million.pls advise,thanks :slight_smile:

Have you thought of trying a lender in Singapore?

Hi DannyThe Great,
Thanks for your advise.I had tried but to my disappointment i cant get my desired loan,thus i am resorting to international help.If u can or anyone has contact to loan me,i really appreciated that and i will pay a β€˜token’ fees for helping me to get the loan(only upon full completion of loan process)

Andrew, I will talk to you later. Yes there are lenders that do international … most start after 3 million and 50%ltv. I can do the impossible.