International lending

I am in the process of buying several properties in Belize, have rec’d LOI from funding group, but need a short-term loan to establish the business and cover appraisal fees etc.

Does anyone know an investor willing to provide a $50K- $100K short-term loan (60-180 days) to carry me through til funding source completes due diligence? The hospitality properties are located in Belize and I need to know as soon as possible please!

Will be repaid at closing.

Thank you!

What kind of experience do you have in the real estate arena?

I have approximately 2 years of international real estate marketing for several developers, one in Belize. Previously, I have approximately 25 years of business admin. and management experience with full P & L responsibility. My partner, who is a RE broker in Belize, has approximately 17 years. He has been in Belize for 4 years now and also has experience in the hospitality industry.
We are planning to purchase 3 small (12-16-25 rooms) hotels.