Interior painting question

When you paint, do you guys use eggshell or semi-gloss? I was thinking I would use semi-gloss on the walls, eggshell on the ceiling. Or should I go vice versa? What colors do you use?

All of our ceilings are painted flat ceiling white, trim and doors a semi gloss white, and our walls a satin either gray or tan, outlets and switches white.

I paint everything (except the floors) Berkshire White from Walmart in satin finish. I paint the floors True Walnut (exterior latex) from Walmart in Semi-Gloss. That makes it very easy to touch up or repaint after a tenant moves out.


Flat ceiling white for ceilings, satin finish for walls (I use a color from Sherwin Williams called Accessible Beige for living areas but have it mixed up in Glidden since it’s a lot cheaper), and semi-gloss white (the cheapest you can find) for all woodwork…You can use a semi-gloss for the walls but will look a little odd…You have to at least use a satin finish so tenants can clean the walls (flat paint will simply “scrape off” when they try to clean it…I also use a beautiful light green for kitchens (semi-gloss) and dark green semi-gloss for bathrooms…Contrasts great with the lighter color tile I always use…

I love eggshell on the walls, semi gloss on trim. I use this combo in all rooms. Ceilings are flat white, except in bathrooms, where I do use the mold resistant paint in semi gloss on both wall and ceiling.

While for my own personal house I love lots of color, neutrals appeal to more buyers. I like the look of gloss white trim against a color.
The house I just did had the first floor with Olympic ‘heavy cream’ on the walls, and the second floor had Olympic ‘magnolia spray’. Looks great against the white trim.

I agree satin or egg shell on the walls i use glidden dapper tan trim and doors semi gloss white ceilings ceiling white looks great

Mike what kind of floors do you have that you can paint. Concrete, wood, etc?

One more thing…I’ve found that Kilz just doesn’t do that great a job over blue or red walls…Not sure why people paints their walls blue or red, but whatever turns you on!

I started using a GREY Glidden primer for these type of situations…The grey primer rules!!!..Covers up all colors perfectly…Costs about $17 a gallon at HD…