Interface Net Lease Conference in New York City.

Our BRC NNN Team has just returned from the Interface Net Lease Conference in New York City. This was a gathering of 200+ of the most effective net lease professionals in the country, made up of Investment Brokers, REIT acquisition officers, Corporate Real Estate officers, Mortgage and Banking officers.

If your ears are open, and you listen with great care, you can identify trends and learn what is really going on under the radar. Many participants talked about the lack of really great properties that are well-located in major markets, with long term rental income streams that can be effectively financed. An example, on one panel was the Chief Investment officer of a major private REIT who was discussing the recent purchase of a $30m asset. I was sitting next to a well-respected colleague who said, “Do you believe these guys, I bought that building for $25m, just six months ago; and sold it to them for $30m; and they are sitting here bragging about the acquisition……what is anything worth in this crazy market?” Now, that is important market intelligence from our perspective.

Glad to hear that you had a good time.