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This probably has a logical answer but want to make sure ;D

Can a landlord evict his tenant even if the landlord’s property is in pre-foreclosure? (Calif)
There’s this landlord that is 4 months behind on his mortgage payments and wants to know if he can evict his tenants (for non payment of rent for 1 month) even if his house is in almost foreclosure.
Landlord says that his tenants are aware that his house is facing foreclosure and thats why they are not paying rent (wow, who’s wrong or right?)

What do you’ all think?


Yes, a landlord can evict the tenant for non-payment of rent regardless of the status of the landlord’s mortgage.

I am not a lawyer, don’t want to be one, and don’t play one on the internet. Things could be different in the People’s Republic of California (although I doubt it).


Well until the bank takes it he still owns it so I don’t see why not. Mike, isn’t it Mexifornia or is that just what Carlos Mencia calls it?

the LL should give 3 day notice and then proceed with unlawful detainer filing. the status of the mortgage and potential foreclosure has nothing to do with lease violations and non-payment.

There is no free lunch for non-paying tenants; even on the Left Coast.

Mike in Calif.