Interested in Tax Lien Certificates ?'s

I just read RDPD, and based on the mention in the book, I am interested in learning more about Tax Lien Certificates. I did a search here that did not turn up much. I have found some good info on the net, but what I would really love is some reccomendations on books about them. I like to read a few books on a subject before jumping in - has anybody read a book on Tax Lien Certificates that they thought was useful?

Before he went informercial on his tax lien certificates. I wont name names for obvious reasons. He did write some excellen books on the subject for various states which I used. You might want to try ebay and search for the key words ‘tax lien’ or ‘tax certificates’. That will giveyou a working knowledge. Go to your treasurers/tax collector’s website or whoever handles your property taxes. They usually have some information that will help you out. If you have a question, call them up and ask them. They are always glad to answer your questions. BTW, what state and county are you in? I did see a couple of books on tax certificates in the local bookstore as well.