interested in birddogging

I am new to this whole birddogging process. What books should I read to get started? Very eager to get into the business.

Hi Murphy:
You can start very easily by driving for dollars. Pick a low to moderate income area in your area. Spend half a day driving around and writing down all the addresses of any vacant, boarded up or neglected properties. Look in your paper for the WeBuyHouses ads and contact the investor’s there. Ask them if they are interested in purchasing your leads from you.
You might even find one to take you under their wing and show you the business…

I would recommend you purchase John “Cash” Locke’s products on this site. I would also recommend you go thru Ron Legrand’s Wholesale/Retail course. You can find it used on ebay…

After you get the hang of bird-dogging, I would recommend you start ‘wholesaling’ properties to other investor’s…

Best Riches,
Jeff Adam

Thanks Jeff, sounds like good advice. :slight_smile: