Interest rate info needed

Information on the the averge interest rate for the last 20 years? I also would like to see the median home price for the last 20 years.

Interest rate trend charts:

Didn’t find the pricing info yet, will post if I find it.

Thanks. I want to put together a spread sheet that compares housing median housing prices to interest rates. I would like to compare to see what I can expect for housing prices if the interest rates continue to rise.

2 words- analysis paralysis

How are you going to make positive changes in your life looking a spreadsheets? Go out and look at houses, make offers, buy houses, make money.

My finding will have no impact on my house buying. I would like to compare the realtionship between the two that is it. I will buy a house when I find a deal not matter what the interest rates are.

Personally, I don’t think the higher interest rates are going to make any difference. From what I have learned so far, housing price decline is very slow (except in some cases in areas where there are a large amount of foreclosures) and from what I have read so far it is realistic to get a 15% drop over 5 years that’s about it. What difference would a 15% drop make if the house prices just went up 150%? In conclusion I don’t think the interest rates would dramaticly affect me as far as finding deals. I am however interested in the relationship between the two.

So any help is appreciated.