Interest Only Loan & Needed Income To Qualify? $100K Loan.

I am interested in an interest only loan for an amount of $100,000. is the lending criteria more flexible since the monthly amount due will be small?

whats the most amount of years that i can just pay interest monthly?


 Your most probable talking about a hard money or private money loan depending on whether the house is complete and habitable? 

Your most common terms will be 6 to 12 months for hard money and 1 to 3 years for private money. You will commonly pay points with 2 or 3 points common and an interest rate between 10 and 12% for private money or 15 to 18% for hard money.

All lenders will want you to have skin in the game, so figure at least 10% down into it and it may require up to 25 to 30% depending on lender.