intent to redeam extention?

Does any one know if it’s possible to get more time to sell your forclosed home after the intent to redeam period has run out? ???

Best to check with the lender doing the foreclosure. Make sure you find out when the trustees sale is going to be because they will just sell it and you won’t even know it. That way you can determine how much time you actually left.

it didn’t make sense to me… but I believe the sale you mentioned already took place and the same mortgage company that had it bought it. After that we filed an intent to redeam and had 60 days unfortunately we thought we could find a buyer our selves but we were wrong. Now we’re hoping some how to get more time and clean and fix up the place and sell it through a real estate company.

Sorry, you’re right, I misread it. I was thinking of the time you had to cure the default. I would now check with a real estsate attorney to see what your options are. Good luck.


Guess what. You may have some more time. In some states you get up to a year. At least in the state of GA it is a year.


How would I find out? that sure would be nice…