insurance when flipping

Was wondering what the easiest way to get insurance for your house when you intend on doing a flip. I figure most insurance companies wont want to do all the work when they know it will be gone within a month?


Howdy Swirv:

Most of the time when you are flipping you may not even own the property. The insurance would still be in the current owners name and at their expense. If you actually do take ownership then you need to get a policy. I actually get a binder that only takes a few minutes from my agent. If you use the same agent on all your deals it will be a simple few minute over the phone conversation. They get money even for a few days policy. It is no big thing. Actually when you write the policy you have no idea how long it will be in force. The new owner also may be able to assume the policy with again only a few minutes of a phone conversation.

Hope this helps LOL

Thanks, yes I was thinking on HUD or VA homes so I assume I would have to take ownership