Insurance recommendations

I am looking for insurance for 2 separate properties. One is a single family bank owned foreclosure that will need rehab and the other property is a 8 unit residential property that is fully occupied.

Which insurance companies provide a combination of good service and reasonable rates?

This is a very LOCALIZED question. Where someone might get good rates in their market with one company you might get crappy rates with the same company. Your best bet is to call 4 or 5 places, try both independent agents and actual companies that sell direct. Tell them you are calling around for pricing and need a quote. Also check around your local REIA and see who people there are using and get some quotes from those companies too.


I agree. Call around is the best advice you can get. I use Country Insurance, I don’t know how anyone could be cheaper. My rates are really cheap, but so is the service so I guess there’s a trade off. So you could start with Country Insurance if you wanted.

USAA if you qualify.



I might have to call them and see what’s up. I’m curious if you still have to be in the service to qualify for USAA? My current agent is cheap as can be, but when I call him to add another property he never remembers my name which enrages me everytime.

I looked up the requirements and they are:

Membership is open to:

Children of USAA members.
Active-duty officers and enlisted personnel.
National Guard and Selected Reserve officers and enlisted personnel.
Officer candidates in commissioning programs.
Recently retired or separated military personnel.
Former USAA members.