Insurance Policy/lease option/sub 2

Hello to all, I have some questions about the types of insurance policies that a person should have if he wants to participate in a subject 2 or lease option transaction.

  1. In a subject 2 transaction, should an investor obligate the owner to list him as additional insured?

  2. In a subject 2 transaction, should the investor obtain a separate, independent policy in his name?
    a) If the investor obtains a separate, independent policy, can this raise flags with the lender?

  3. If you extend a lease with option purchase to a owner, and your plan is to also extend a lease with option to purchase with a tenant/buyer, what policy would be most applicable in this scenario?
    a) General commercial liability insurance
    b) some type of non-owner occupied policy
    c) Can the investor list himself as “additional insured” although he does not own the property (he does not have title or the deed to the property)

  4. In the rental contract that you extend to your tenant/buyer, should you obligate the tenant’s to obtain renter’s insurance? Is it legal to stipulate that the tenant/buyer must obtain renter’s insurance?

Thanks to all for reviewing my post.